The Importance of Hydration

Dogs are highly susceptible to overheating and require more water, relative to their size, than people. Since their bodies are designed for heat conservation, not dissipation, dogs become dehydrated much quicker than people. Proper hydration is critical, especially for dogs working in high temperature or low humidity environments.

The Dehydration Problem

When military, police, border patrol and search and rescue dogs are focused on their work, getting them to drink can be challenging and dehydration can become a serious risk to their well-being and performance.  In many situations handlers struggle to find a clean water source or they may need to carry fresh water with them to keep their canine partners hydrated. This can be cumbersome at best and potentially detrimental to the handler’s own performance and safety.

Our goal is to provide a convenient solution to these challenges. Our gel hydration products are tasty treats, but are 97% water to maximize hydration.


Gel Hydration Technologies provides hydration solutions for working, service and companion dogs to improve performance and quality of life, one animal at a time.

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